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Sep 2021: mascnet online Symposium artist-in-residence

Digital response to research surrounding ‘Masculinity in Times of Change’, a 3 day symposium featuring presentations, artists talks and roundtable discussions.

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How to frame. And navigate this material, a selection of screen grabs, written and activated responses. A dis-assemblege of start points, suggestions, open ended imagery and associations. Some more refined, others in a crude format. 

Files to be opened, previewed, downloaded. Or, read as interconnected images and statements on the screen. Follow your impulse, delve into the network of folders, access the content alongside other tabs and windows already open. 

Navigating, gazing, pause and move on (perform the folder as witness to this material). An intentionally unfinished response, open for multiple readings. A malleable collection of sound, image and bodily responses circling the research relayed across the interconnected screens of the symposium.

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